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AJOYE POWER opened at the AsiaWorld-Expo in Hong Kong on April 11, 2019, and the four-day exhibition on April 14 has successfully concluded. As the flagship exhibition of Global Sources, “Global Sources Electronics Show” will bring together more than 7,500 booths of popular electronic products, gathering merchants and buyers from all over the world.

Time: Global Sources Consumer Electronics Show April 11-14, 2019

Venue: Hong Kong Asia International Expo


The products presented by the Dongguan Ezor Energy Co., Ltd. Global Electronics Show are as follows:

1. Waterproof battery for underwater equipment, such as underwater boosters, underwater robots, underwater submarines, etc.

2. Waterproof energy storage batteries, the Japanese market has a relatively large demand.

3. Power battery: electric vehicle battery, electric motorcycle battery, cleaning equipment battery, etc.

4. Ultra high and low temperature battery, the maximum temperature reaches 85. C, the minimum temperature reaches -40. C.

There are more people in the exhibition than we thought before, and our products have attracted many domestic and foreign customers, of which foreign countries account for the vast majority.


1. The preparation of the exhibition

According to past experience, pre-show preparation is indispensable, we need to prepare product information,how to convey our advantages to customers. At the exhibition, first of all, you act as the medium between the company's products and customers. Whether you introduce the product information properly or not is directly related to the customer's intention to purchase your products. Secondly, some scenes during the exhibition should be envisaged before the exhibition. And the customer may ask what questions, and make a good record; finally, the company information, product information should be familiar with the heart, professional vocabulary, professional terminology is familiar with the heart. ajoye sales, this aspect is naturally natural.

2. The competitiveness of products

   Whether it is to buy or sell, the key is the product, there are many battery products on the market, and the water-proof Battery of Idroll is a one-of-a-kind (excellent gimmick), and the product is superior to other suppliers. AJOYE is the only company in the world with deep water power production capacity - waterproof battery. In the design, production, price, quality, through the strict process, choose exquisite materials, rigorous design, excellence in processing, strict testing and quality control and many other links to produce waterproof batteries.

AJOYE's waterproof energy storage battery is also a landscape, and has been favored by many foreign customers such as Japan, South Korea, Southeast Asia, etc., especially Japanese customers are very interested in our waterproof power products. Japanese visitors consulted many related problem.

3. Image & Attitude

The image of the employee and its spiritual outlook directly reflect the spirit of the company. Each of   AJOYE's staff is full of energy and enthusiasm to face every person who comes to the booth and the visitors who have passed through the booth, and can patiently give correct and professional answers when the customer asks questions about the company or product. The combination of sincere attitude and perfect image has won the favor of more customers.


Always be prepared to record the customer's information requirements in time, so that the business card and customer information can be sorted out in time after the exhibition is over, and the business card of the yield will be issued on the same day.

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4.   Can effectively analyze customers

At the exhibition, the participants can be divided into: exhibitors, personnel from other industries, people with purchase intentions, people in the industry who want to know the market, and people who want to buy samples. Look for the type of customer, for the customers with different needs, our exhibition staff to take targeted and enthusiastic service.

5. The exhibition ended successfully

     2019.04.14 At 5 pm, the four-day exhibition ended successfully, and the tired limbs were filled with harvesting hearts. Back to the company, the first thing is to enter the customer information into the completion, and follow up the customer in a timely manner, telephone, mail are essential. Every detail has to be concerned about what the customer thinks.



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